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by Freya Systems

Towards the end of 2021, Freya hosted a hackathon that split the team into two separate factions asked to solve a distinct set of computer vision problems. The resulting days allowed for collaboration and problem solving that really got the data science juices flowing. Two Real-World Problems Each team...

by Lauren Green

The Goal As a data scientist you often find yourself creating a notebook documenting a new model or an update to an existing model. Recently in this particular situation I was analyzing how my model was performing within windows of time throughout the prediction window. I wanted a visualization...

data manupulation in R

by Lauren Green

This post is part 2 of a series on Data Manipulation in R. In part 1, my colleague showed the uses of the data.table package. In this part I will explore the dplyr package using the same examples used in part 1. What is dplyr? dplyr is a package...

data table

by Nate Latshaw

In the R programming language, data.table is both a package and an object within that package. The data.table package serves as a wrapper for the data.frame object in base R. A data.table object features many enhancements over a data.frame – to include increased speed and memory allocation efficiency. The...

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