Defense Industry

Data is a strategic asset

Maintaining high levels of equipment readiness is essential in achieving the national defense strategy supporting the warfighter. Achieving this requires a balance of available parts, trained personnel, scheduled maintenance and efficient troubleshooting based on finite resources. Smart decisions based on quality data is the proven approach to achieving good balance and increases in mission capability.

Wisdom Pyramid

Freya Systems has supported defense leaders for over a decade in reaching greater levels of readiness for numerous platforms. We have in depth experience in converting sensor, maintenance and logistics data into actionable insights using web applications.

Freya’s software team has extensive experience developing decision support tools that provide complete visibility of the health status of the fleet. Our data analytics team applies predictive and statistical models together with machine learning to deliver reliable, accurate insights.

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defense industry

  • We have helped one customer to a greater than 8% increase in fleet mission readiness.
  • By applying natural language processing techniques we optimized their data with a 97.2% improvement in results.
  • With one leading defense manufacturer we developed algorithms for fault identification which we automated resulting in 170hrs/year/aircraft in time savings which when scaled to the fleet will result in over $5 million in annual savings.
  • This unique approach, fusing data analytics with software and domain knowledge to predict future outcomes has made Freya Systems a trusted advisor with leading defense contractors.

Our goal is to support the defense community in leveraging predictive data analytics to provide fleet situational awareness.

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