Decision Support Software Development

“In God we trust, all others must bring data”

– William Edwards Deming

NASA believes in the power of making decisions based on data, which is how they landed men on the Moon – we believe it, too.

Good data doesn’t have an opinion or a bias but is rooted in facts. When collected, processed and presented an easily understood way, it can enable effective decision making and measurable results.

Our customers’ main focus is on optimizing their operations to minimize their downtime and their cost. The tools we develop “Bubble to the Top” key information. This allows our customers to rapidly determine where they should focus effort and resources.

We recognize decision-making takes energy and focus, so we minimize workload and maximize ease of use. Learn more about our data analytics techniques.

Our decision support tools elevate impactful information to improve users’ awareness of important issues.
Our decision support tools elevate impactful information to improve users’ awareness of important issues.

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By fusing data and software, our tools free up our customers’ key experts and managers to enable them to perform at their best.

“…From our foxhole we have seen you doing great work delivering a (decision support) tool; where we, as a team, can use it to do true Fleet Data Analyses…”

“…you exemplify a services mindset, optimize business productivity and improve our customers’ experiences.”

“We wouldn’t have delivered without the Freya team.”

“We rely on Freya’s partnership to manage the peaks and valleys in our workload.”

Turn Data into Actions with Decision Support System Software

Visualizations supercharge data, allowing it to be used and explored by everyone.  Here are some of the ways our visualizations help to turn data into actions.

Impactful Data

Highlight impactful data

By designing a good information hierarchy, the speed with which users can process the data and identify actions to be taken is drastically improved.

Shows Outcomes


Whenever possible, we ensure that decision points are identified and displayed so that results can be correlated to historic decisions.


Accessible by everyone

We ensure the end user nomenclature is used throughout to make visuals accessible to all of the customers team.


Support collaboration and communication

We always design with both a single user and a group meeting presentation in mind.

Improve Performance

Continuous performance improvement can sometimes feel like playing ‘Whack-a-mole’; you address one issue and another takes its place. This is especially true in complex systems where elements are tied to numerous other elements.

This is a challenge that can deepen as equipment ages, fatigues and wears out. We help our customers learn from the changes in performance drivers to continually drive better operational performance. Custom decision support software enables them to stay ahead of the effects of aging and identify the optimal time to perform an equipment refresh.

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We use the latest tools

Some of the many languages and libraries we apply in decision support software are:



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