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We Guide You to the Wisdom in Your Data Using:

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

A deep learning-based approach, while collaborating with onsite subject matter experts, streamlines operations of all sizes. Machine Learning solutions are used to predict patterns and perform judgment-based applications at a scale and speed that transforms your business. See how we use machine learning to improve fleet readiness by forecasting aircraft maintenance and component reliability.

Statistical Modeling

Statistical Modeling

Modeling uses mathematical representations to observe data and, in turn, explain relationships between variables in the data. Predicting operational outcomes and equipment failures before they occur, improves operations, reduces cost and, in our clients’ environment, saves lives. When Admirals in the US Navy need to know how many of their aircraft are mission-capable on any given day, they come to Freya to provide an answer.

Data Wrangling

ETL / Data Wrangling

Extract/transform/load (ETL) is a process to extract data from one or multiple sources as needed. Data Wrangling is employed to clean, structure, and enrich raw data to rapidly identify problems, discover their root causes, predict future performance, and automate actions to improve quality continuously, easing compliance and reducing unnecessary costs. Freya enabled significant improvement in readiness by addressing the reliability of critical operational components.


Neural Networks / Deep Learning

Neural networks are used to process past and present data to estimate future values, thereby discovering any complex correlations hidden in the data. These networks are a subset of machine learning and are at the core of deep learning algorithms. This programming paradigm enables a computer to learn and predict from observational data. Freya applied this intelligence to the utilities industry to significantly reduce energy costs from poorly optimized equipment usage.



Simulations are used to model the behavior of critical systems. When data is scarce, a simulation model can provide synthetic data that captures the characteristics of system components to provide a more dynamic model. For companies looking to optimize processes and manage risk in complex systems, simulation modeling helps apply predictive analytics. Freya Systems delivered $3M in annual savings to a client by developing a custom simulation platform.


Visual Analytics

Visual analytics is used to emphasize analytical reasoning about data and combine computational analysis techniques. As a result, it enables the consumption of significant volumes of data in less time for a faster and better understanding. Freya Systems employs visual analytics for a utility client, resulting in optimized infrastructure use, reduced energy cost, and minimized part damage from excessive use.

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A data science agency with a proven scientific approach.

We follow a proven scientific approach to all of our data analytics engagements. Data analytics works most effectively when it is applied to answer a question or prove a theory.

Our methodology is one of partnership with our customers combined with an approach to uncover actionable results as quickly as possible.

In particular we recommend spending time identifying the question you need to answer or theory you want to test. We also suggest auditing and gathering all of the data you have relevant to the project no matter the quality or format. We’ve found that we can process and use many different sources of data to improve results.

To learn more about how to prepare for your next project with a data science services company, see our insight post “How do I start using my data?” Review our case studies to get inspiration from other successful Freya customers.


We Use the Latest Tools

Among the many tools we have at our disposal are:

R studiopythonJupyterR programming language Spyder

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)


Many companies are looking to harness the power of data science in making smarter decisions on their operations. When there is a shortage of skilled data scientists or the project is a quick turnaround short duration one outsourcing is often the best option.

We offer a Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) approach to address this need. Provide a problem brief, upload your data and let our skilled team of data scientists do the rest. The results are selectable to meet your needs from a one-off analysis report to a hosted algorithm providing results in a web-based dashboard or direct to your application via an API.

data science service


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