Custom Web Application Development


From concept to design, our custom web application development company helps you automate business processes and drive efficiency.

Web Application Development Services

Software applications are increasingly being used to automate business processes and drive continual improvements in efficiency.

Custom Solutions, Affordable Approach

Software applications automate business processes and drive continuous improvements. Out of the box software can require more time and resources than a custom development approach.

How would your business benefit from a custom application?

  • Tailored to your business process, workflow and compliance needs
  • Freya collaborates with your human capital, leveraging experts to develop a solution with 100% user adoption and minimal training time
  • Optimize workflow, reduce inefficiencies and let internal experts focus on performing high level tasks

Lifecycle Process

Scrum based Agile framework to incorporate input from your team.

Development through Agile Framework

We have structured our Agile development process to efficiently incorporate the input from your team. This iterative approach adds functionality to the application every one to four weeks so you can see progress and provide input throughout the development.

User stories capture the requirements of you and your team and are prioritized into a backlog of work. In each sprint (cycle of development) the top stories are worked on and a new incremental version of the application is produced. This is used to gather input and refinement for future sprints of work.

SCRUM Based Agile

Agile Software Development Approach

Automate, improve and capture knowledge during a single sprint.

3 Stages During Each Sprint


We believe that automation enables rather than replaces members of a team. We work closely with your subject matter experts, automating mundane tasks, freeing up internal resources.


During the development cycle we collaborate on each step to ensure we achieve process optimization.

Knowledge Transfer and Capture

The development cycle presents an opportunity to share lessons learned and documentation to support your team.

User Experience and Interface

A key aspect of our work is to ensure the best fit between the user and the application.

Design that Makes Sense

We apply industry best practices to design a user experience and interface that focuses on the following elements.

Low end-user burden

Keeping this as low as possible aids understanding, interpreting and using the information presented. Examples of this are presenting calculations whenever possible and sorting information by priority or impact.

Efficiency of use

We always look to do things such as: reduce the end-user button and mouse clicks, tailor navigation to common operations and present only those options available for a given step in the workflow.

Minimize Training

Working closely with a range of your team we can ensure that the application is intuitive to use. This includes things such as using your company terminology, aligning application and legacy workflows and providing context sensitive help and assistance.

Wings™ Framework

Developed to unite developers with the business needs.

Unite Developers with Your Business Needs

Our WINGS™ framework is what makes the Freya team faster, more efficient and qualified than other development teams. It has been developed from our years of web application development as a tool to unite developers with the right business needs.

We are constantly looking for new ways to capture, analyze and statistically model data. WINGS™ allows us to rapidly develop the common elements of an application by cataloging all your data up front. As such we can build products tailored around your data; in essence, capturing requirements via Data. WINGS™ can generate in-house new tools used for code generation, database schema versioning, and ETL processing to high standards and levels of security. This reduces the time it takes to develop initial versions of the application so that we can focus on the unique customization for your team and workflow.


Make Our Team Yours.