Capabilities Statement

About Freya Systems

Freya Systems provides Software and Data Analytics consultancy specializing in the defense aviation and logistics domain. We can provide a range of services from a short-targeted study to answer a specific question to a fully deployed analysis and decision support custom software suite.

We help our customers to predict the future with the application of predictive analytics. For over ten years we have been a supplier of choice to deliver software and data science solutions to some of the largest defense contractors in the USA.


We have capabilities in:

  • The architecture, design, development, testing and deployment of custom enterprise applications particularly for workflow, decision support and aircraft maintenance.
  • The application of data sciences on parametric aircraft and ground vehicle data as well as maintenance and logistics data to improve aircraft and fleet readiness.

Facilities and Equipment

We are headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania where our facilities provide an ideal environment for innovation and collaboration. Our team also spends a significant amount of time onsite working hand-in-hand with customer Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). We use a secure online development environment capable of scaling to any project need. We blend statistics, timeseries analysis and engineering to develop models, algorithms and decision support software. Our approach is to use leading edge technologies which are modern and well-proven including: Python, R, Java and JavaScript including leading edge frameworks like React and Angular.


Data science expertise in:

  • Algorithm development (including CBM)
  • Statistical model development
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data Modeling

Domain expertise:

  • Health & Usage Monitoring Systems,
  • Structural Usage Monitoring Systems
  • Defense Aviation
  • Maintenance
  • Supply Chain

Software Development expertise:

  • Requirements development
  • Java Web application development
  • Agile Software development
  • Application deployment and support


Freya is the first port of call for customers because:

  • our team has a great deal of domain experience which we continuously grow with subject matter experts working hand-in-hand to learn their language
  • we work collaboratively with our customers which consistently delivers the best results and strengthens everyone’s skills and knowledge
  • the business need is a primary focus of ours in every solution to ensure it is always addressed
  • we fuse data analytics and software development to provide a one-stop-shop for solutions

Codes & Certifications


  • 518210
  • 541330
  • 541511

Cage Code:

  • 88RW2


  • 031795059


  • Self-certified small business in SAM.

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