Predictive Analytics Services

No Need to Guess

Our predictive analytics company can take uncertainty out of the equation. Key insights based on historic data using predictive models can help you improve your business.

Using Business Intelligence

The Gartner Model shows the types of analytics against their complexity. BI Predictive
analytics is our specialty but we are well versed in all stages.

Bi Predictive Analytics

Many of our customers are frustrated by unpredicted anomalies impacting the performance of their equipment and fleet. Imagine the power of predictive analytics helping you by taking the uncertainty out of your planning and management.

analytics stages


The first step to improving your equipment operations is knowing something went wrong.

Primed Algorithms, New Predictions

This is why anomaly detection is often a key element in developing predictive models. We regularly work on anomaly detection algorithms from the generic to very targeted. With these, our customers are more informed about events that fall outside of normal operating behavior which indicate something is potentially wrong. This understanding is a great primer for training new algorithms to make predictions.

Freya Outlier Chart


Once you know something is wrong, you will want to know what.

Algorithms that Drive Efficient Operations

We specialize in predictive models for complex devices/equipment that are systems of numerous components. Using this experience we can develop algorithms you can use to identify what went wrong and predict future occurrences.  Whether you need Component Failure Prediction or Condition Based Maintenance algorithms we can build them for your needs, allowing you to focus on operations.

condition based maintenance


Provide a clear view of the future to enhance operation and customer trust.

Take a Glimpse into the Future

Now you are armed with tools to identify and predict anomalies, you are probably wondering how your equipment be it an aircraft, train, ship, machine or part is going to perform in the future.

Once we have helped our customers develop a good situational awareness of the anomalies their equipment is experiencing we often recommend Performance Forecasting. This provides a view into the future which is key to developing operating plans and making commitments to their customers.

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