Case Studies

If we can help keep military aircraft in the air longer, more reliably and at lower cost, just think what we can do for your fleet of equipment!

Optimizing Wastewater Asset Management through Predictive Analytics

Software Development & Engineering Case Study

Freya Systems developed an algorithm to reduce operational costs in wastewater management.

The Result: Among all days in which all blowers were used concurrently, the algorithm successfully predicted the occurrence beforehand every time.

Following this monitoring period, the client deemed the algorithm a success and is actively working to fully integrate the algorithm’s predictions into the automated treatment process.

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Aviation Technician

Data Analytics Case Study

Freya was asked to develop an analytic platform capable of predicting the % aircraft fleet-availability for US Navy Commanders at any time in the future.

The Result: The development of a sophisticated and insightful model which when applied resulted in an 8% increase in fleet availability and savings in excess of $100M.

Landing Plane

Software Development & Engineering Case Study

Hired to develop an engineering analytics software tool suite to support a large transport military aircraft.

The Result: Developed and deployed a new set of applications that the customer estimated would save them $3.5 million over five years.

Data Analytics Case Study

Freya Systems were hired by a $32 Billion global enterprise to study the factors affecting rotor vibration in military helicopters.

The Result: Not only did Freya develop a model that gave insight into the contributing factors, but we were also able to double the interval between service of this critical component; saving $Millions in maintenance costs and increased operational availability of this vital military platform.

Software Development & Engineering Case Study

Freya Systems was hired by a $17B Engineering and Supply Chain company to redesign and optimize their post-sales technical support platform.

The Result: A complete revamp of the platform focused on driving down post-sales maintenance costs and a better customer experience. Projected savings were $100M over 10 years with a 10% reduction in year one!

SAP Supply Chain Integration

Systems Integration Case Study

Freya Systems was hired by a $10B UK Defense Manufacturer to help them with a large-scale SAP supply chain integration.

The Result: Integration delivered on time and to budget which allowed the client to successfully bid for a large US Military contract.

Freya plane

Data Analytics Case Study

When Admirals in the US Navy need to know how many of their aircraft will be mission capable on any given day, they can depend on Freya to provide the answer.

The Result: A configurable dashboard showing key information to decision makers.

Aviation Software Integration

Systems Integration Case Study

Freya Systems was hired by a $32M Software Development Company focused on the aviation industry to help them with the integration of their platform and that of a large offshore client.

The Result: Integration delivered successfully on time and to budget. The client said, “Our customer is happy we were on time and within budget – never seen such a group of dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional people.”


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