Our industrial analytics company specializes in the following industries


Freya’s data analytics team utilizes leading edge technologies including, Python, Studio, Jupyter for algorithm development, statistical model development, predictive analysis and data modeling to deliver reliable, accurate data.

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Freya Systems has supported defense leaders for over a decade in reaching greater levels of readiness for numerous platforms. We have in-depth experience in converting sensor, maintenance and logistics data into actionable insights.

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The right mix of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics leads to competitive advantages. These can include cost reduction, supply chain optimization, proactive maintenance, and ‘predict and fix’ models.

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Energy Generation

At Freya Systems, we analyze various solutions in the roles they can play to optimize energy consumption, storage and generation, while choosing the most economically viable option.

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Freya Systems empowers manufacturing companies to reduce downtime, improve quality control, and make data-driven decisions with the use of machine learning and custom dashboards.

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Freya Systems specializes in applying predictive analytics to improve maintenance. We use our experience in maintenance to develop predictive maintenance software solutions rooted in factual data.

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