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Mission Readiness And Battle Management Systems Are Strengthened With AI Technologies 


How you Measure Your Impact

At Freya Systems, our impact is measured in how we equip clients with predictive models and decision tools to be more effective, highly efficient, and improve safety.  We are most acutely focused on these project goals in the defense sector because our fleet management solutions directly impact the men and women serving our country- the Warfighters.

The Fleet Readiness Dashboard

A Freya project of note is the Readiness Dashboard that was developed for a defense client.  The goal was to provide them with a readiness dashboard to improve their mission readiness and the success and safety of missions.  As you can imagine, the amount of data available on aircraft, ground vehicles, system faults, maintenance, and parts is immense.  The complexity of the data is further compounded when you consider the different aircraft and vehicle models, configurations, and usage variances.  During the early-mid 2000s, the V-22 Osprey helicopter was configured over a dozen different ways.  The multiple configurations create unique challenges in fleet maintenance management and repair.  Success for any management system and dashboard is based on the team’s ability to build digital structures and channels to store, clean, compute and move critical data.

To further compound the challenge, this data was distributed across geography, disparate systems, and hardware of varying vintages.  In addition, some of the systems could not be integrated to allow for the correlation of the data.  Data can be an asset, but it can very well be a liability if you don’t have a good data governance plan.  At the project launch, each organization was diligently focused on being ready to support a mission and the warfighters; however, they were working in silos.  To optimize the success of our project, all data sources needed to be identified and categorized.  With a map of the data sources, we could develop a plan to store and provision the data to make it usable.

Data is Supreme for Informed Decision Making

In a Congressional research memo, updated in February 2022, details are shared on the development of the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS).  The ABMS is envisioned to be the next generation of command and control (C2) systems.  This platform will have a scope beyond aircraft and use artificial intelligence to enable faster decision-making.

“In a data-dependent and data-saturated world, victory belongs to the side with decision superiority — the ability to sense, make sense of a complex and adaptive environment, and act smarter, faster, and better.”

-Brig Gen Jeffery Valenzia who currently heads up the project.

Freya Systems developed a custom application that harnesses the data and workflows across defense organizations to provide a universal perspective and create predictive reporting tools that enhance decision-making.  With a newly integrated data and systems strategy, the data can be analyzed and modeled to predict the needs of ground and air fleets as well as improve efficiencies in the process.  Further, the data can be used to direct fleet configuration needs and direct fleet retirement strategies.  Achieving the goals required a close, collaborative relationship with the defense client and partners to push beyond current systems and innovative solutions.

The team focused on the specific measures from operations and a total mission readiness perspective that would make the warfighter dashboard meaningful and drive actionable decisions.  The most important measures included the supply chain, namely the tools, equipment, and people where they need to be when they are needed.  Condition-based maintenance measures power predictive modeling on part failure.  Finally, measures were defined that profiled the ground and air fleet’s health, providing an overall picture of the organization’s readiness to support a mission.

The completed Readiness Dashboard provides predictive direction to the maintenance and repair organizations (MROs) and fuels a condition-based maintenance program.  In predicting potential part failures or maintenance needs, the application improves fleet readiness, increases supply-chain efficiencies, and empowers the deployment of mission-critical resources.

The way that Freya Systems and the defense client measure our success is on how we improve the effectiveness and safety of the men and women serving our country- the Warfighters.

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