Ben Johnson: Hi it’s Ben from Freya. Today, I wanted to share a little bit of insight with respect to data analytics. Really the stages of any data analytics project so that when you engage in your next project you’ll be familiar with what’s going to happen.

The first key part of it is gathering a requirement. Really understanding from the customer, “what’s the need”, “what’s the ask”. Any good data analytics project answers a question. After that, it’s all about collecting the data. Quite often we spend a lot of time not only collecting it and aggregating it but doing a little bit of cleaning as well. Not every data set is fully clean and sometimes we need to cut out some of the bad records or supplement a little bit of the data. After that, it hands over to the data analytics team and they really focus in on doing their analysis, applying their mathematical models, really understanding what’s what with the data. And then they’ll do a little bit of theorizing, they’ll create some hypotheses. They’ll test those and it’s a bit of a rinse and repeat between those three steps in the cycle. So we’ll create a model, we’ll test it or hypothesize some more until we get to the right answer. And that leads us into the very final step of any good data analytics project, which is the storytelling. Storytelling is key. We need to make sure that whenever we’ve come up with an answer it’s understandable by all of the audience for the customer.

So next time you’re taking on a data analytics project look for each of those stages. And we’ll see you next time.