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Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson


Ben is a leader, entrepreneur, engineer, introvert, designer, optimist and analyst to name but a few.  Fascinated by what makes things fly and soaring on his own piloting experience Ben studied and qualified in Aerospace Engineering with first class Honors from the University of Hertfordshire in Great Britain.  He has turned his hand to numerous roles throughout his career motivated by a desire to continually learn.  Founding Freya in 2009 and learning how to lead has created a deep passion for Ben and a driving force that helps him get out of bed each morning.  Ben’s role is to create an environment at Freya to help others learn, grow and enjoy their work.

Ben believes that if we live outside of our comfort zone, learn and grow together we can build a richer world for everyone as well as having more than a little fun on the way.  Ben is inspired and sometimes influenced by great thinkers such as Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Edward Tuft, Mark Manson, Richard Branson, Neil Gaimen and Seth Gordin.  Ask Ben for a book recommendation and he’s bound to share two or three.

Outside of his role and time in Freya Ben loves to stay fit and active: trail running, cycling, hiking and salsa dancing.  Ben can occasionally get a tune from a guitar, always has a good book on hand and indulges in the odd video and board game.  Ben also volunteers to help those in need maintain their home and is always looking for other opportunities to donate a little of his time.

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