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Leveraging AI for Cost-Effective Wastewater Management

In the often-overlooked realm of wastewater treatment, professionals like you play a pivotal role in safeguarding public health and preserving our environment. At Freya, we understand the complexity of your challenges—managing aging assets, navigating stringent regulations, and responding to the increasing unpredictability of extreme weather. Despite the critical nature of this work, it remains an underappreciated utility in the eyes of many.

Freya believes that AI-enabled tools are allies to human intelligence, working together to achieve greater efficiency, optimizations, cost reductions, and sustainability advancements in wastewater management operations. We know that your main priority is ensuring safe and reliable wastewater treatment for your community. That’s why we are committed to collaborating on solutions that fit your unique needs.

Enhancing Predictive Maintenance

A common frustration among wastewater professionals is dealing with unexpected equipment performance issues that can strain the budget. A retrospective look at these breakdowns is a starting point for improvement. At Freya, we engage with our clients to leverage SCADA and other data sources to craft predictive maintenance strategies using advanced anomaly detection algorithms. Our collaborative approach empowers you with keen situational awareness, paving the way for AI-driven insights that help predict equipment failures before they occur, minimizing disruptions and community impact.

Innovating Early Leak Detection

Stormwater infiltration into wastewater systems introduces complex challenges, demanding rapid adjustments in operations to manage the increased load efficiently. AI’s prowess in analyzing data from various sources, including flows, pressures, and sensors, is indispensable. It enables real-time, data-driven decision-making that addresses leak-induced impacts promptly. With AI as your ally, maintain system resilience and adherence to regulatory standards, even amidst the sudden stresses of adverse weather conditions. Freya can also help pinpoint the locations of areas experiencing leaks, enhancing overall system efficiency.

Optimizing Chemical Dosing

Behind the scenes, the equilibrium of treatment chemistry like chlorine levels is crucial. Mismanagement can result in environmental harm and regulatory breaches. AI models forecast and adjust chemical dosing to varying conditions, ensuring compliance while conserving chemicals. This intelligent strategy makes wastewater management not only more compliant but also “smarter”—benefiting both the environment and the budget. Ultimately, AI helps you make optimal decisions for your unique systems, optimizing performance while minimizing costs and environmental impact.

SCADA System Optimization: Achieving Precision in Process Control

In the intricate balance of wastewater management, the optimization of SCADA systems stands out as a critical performance lever—especially when it comes to adjusting logic or thresholds, be they frequent or sparse. The question of whether these adjustments steer the system towards efficiency or inadvertently tip the scales towards inefficiency is paramount. At Freya, our approach is grounded in data-driven analytics that offers a clear view of the outcomes of these crucial adjustments. By meticulously analyzing historical data against current operational metrics, we provide actionable insights that ensure every change made is precisely right.

Innovating Data-Driven Solutions

At Freya, we understand that every wastewater treatment facility is unique. That’s why our approach to utilizing AI focuses on collaboration and customization. Our team works closely with yours to identify key challenges and tailor solutions that fit your specific problems. Freya’s expertise lies in harnessing historical data from various sources to catalog and organize it effectively. This approach enhances decision-making by improving timeliness and accuracy, empowering better strategies. Freya assists you in achieving operational excellence and advancing towards your long-term strategic goals. With our partnership, we leverage the power of AI to optimize costs while upholding exact standards for public health and environmental protection. Together, let’s revolutionize wastewater management for a better tomorrow.

So whether it’s optimizing predictive maintenance, innovating early leak detection, or optimizing chemical dosing, Freya is here to support and empower you every step of the way. Let’s work together to create a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable future for wastewater management.

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