John Leczner: I’m John Leczner, Freya Systems. I’m a software developer. And today I want to talk about choosing Angular versus React.

There’s so many things to consider when you’re looking at these two technologies, but I think high level and from a non tech savvy perspective, the most important ones are performance, time to delivery and infrastructure, or maybe the popularity.

React is a simple API. So you’re going to have to do less digging for information online, getting your team up to speed on how to use this technology. Whereas, Angular is a full package framework. I would say that if your team is more comfortable with configuration and researching specific technologies, they want to use specific libraries, then React is a good way to go. Whereas, Angular is, again, a full package. So everything they give you, you can use out of the box, but then down the road, you won’t be able to as easily change out this part or that part. React is twice as popular right now. If you’re considering mobile, I would say react has a stronger library out called React Native versus Angular’s Ionic.

But yeah, so that’s Angular versus React.