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The Importance of Curiosity in Tech

Think back to the last time your own curiosity sparked a profound impact on your professional or personal life. Recall the exhilaration and nervousness of delving into the unknown, unearthing potential opportunities and gaining invaluable experiences from following your own curiosity. It is in these moments of exploration that curiosity truly shines as the driving force behind transformative change; whether it involves seeking a solution to a hard problem or taking a class to learn new skills.

Cultivating and nurturing curiosity can be challenging for individuals and organizations. At Freya we made it our first core value, so it is embedded in our company DNA. Encouraging and enabling our team members to be curious is vital to our business. Every day we are confronted with new challenges to solve, and if our team members weren’t curious, we’d never deliver for our customers. We believe curiosity is synonymous with growth. Being curious helps our team and business thrive and future proofs our capabilities.

We hope this brief illustration on how curiosity helps drive Freya’s pursuit of service excellence; will inspire you to think more on how this value can help you and your business.

What curiosity means in the context of a data science and software development company

Data is driving the world, literally and figuratively. Self-driving or soon-to-be cars are collecting massive amounts of data to operate safely. Our phones, computers, hospitals, airlines, wastewater utilities are all collecting data. Each one of those examples has reams of data to unravel and explore. There are an untold number of stories waiting to be discovered.

It’s an uphill battle to be in data science and software development if you’re not innately curious. That trait embodies the hunger to explore new methods and approaches, the thirst to unravel the secrets concealed within vast datasets, and to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

The benefits of curiosity for data scientists and their organizations

By harnessing this powerful trait, data science professionals have the ability to unlock new perspectives, devise groundbreaking solutions, and propel business growth. It has catalyzed the development of novel algorithms and methodologies for analyzing and processing data, enabling us to extract deeper insights and make more informed decisions. Curiosity ignites the spark of creativity, propelling us to envision data-driven possibilities that others might overlook.

Let’s dive into a few remarkable examples of how curiosity has fueled the endeavors of some Freya data scientists and software developers.

How a Team of Data Scientists and Developers Demonstrates Curiosity to Meet Customers Needs

A Tale of Data Science Exploration with Apache Airflow

A curious data science and software development team is a team that looks for tools to improve their work and projects.

One such instance occurred within our own data science team, where a pressing need arose for a logging and scheduling tool for a valued client. As the team brainstormed and deliberated, Deana Stuart, a brilliant data engineer and logging maestro at Freya, stepped forward with an intriguing recommendation. She had previously encountered Apache Airflow, a tool she had stumbled upon during her time at ZipCode Wilmington. While she had utilized it primarily as a Windows task scheduler, she had only scratched the surface of its vast capabilities.

Deana’s suggestion of Airflow was met with interest. The team recognized the potential in this newfound tool, as it offered automatic logging, robust scheduling features, and a user-friendly UI. These aspects aligned perfectly with the team’s requirements, and Freya collectively agreed that Airflow was the ideal solution for the project, drawing upon their prior experience and expertise.

What made Airflow even more enticing was its easily accessible documentation, providing a smooth learning curve for the team. Moreover, as an open-source tool, it offered the invaluable advantage of extensibility, laying a strong foundation upon which the team could build and expand as the project evolved.

By embracing her inquisitive nature, Deana unearthed a remarkable tool that not only addressed the immediate needs of our client but also fostered innovation and growth within our own ranks. The team was open to exploring this solution for a number of reasons, but the primary reason was that they were curious. Curious about a new tool, open to hearing and testing their teammate’s suggestion and seeing where it led. An environment fostering curiosity enables this type of exploration.

A Tale of Groundbreaking Software Optimization and Process Optimization

In the dynamic world of data science and software development, there’s a special kind of team that thrives on the pursuit of process optimization. They are the rare curious minds that refuse to accept the status quo and are open to seeking new ways to enhance their work.

Meet Josh Neidich, a driven developer and certified Java alchemist at Freya Systems. Josh found himself grappling with a Java program inherited from a client. Frustration grew as he encountered excruciatingly long processing times, with some runs stretching beyond 25 hours. Determined to make a difference, Josh took matters into his own hands, driven by his insatiable curiosity and unyielding spirit.

With resourcefulness as his guide, Josh embarked on a transformative journey to speed up Java Programs . He meticulously documented the code, skillfully refactored it into smaller Java files, expertly mapped it, and implemented batch processing to the database. The impact was nothing short of remarkable. The once daunting 25-hour runtime now stood at a mere 18 minutes, enabling him to accomplish a task that previously took over 1000 runs in less time. Imagine the power of saving 850,000 rows to the database within this newfound efficiency!

But let’s not overlook the crucial role of the team’s environment in fostering such improvements and not accepting how things stand. It would be a mistake to assume that these achievements were solely the result of individual brilliance. The truth lies in part in the nurtured culture of continuous learning, unwavering curiosity, and compassionate communication that permeates the team. It is within this ecosystem of shared knowledge and support, that remarkable advancements like Josh’s and Deana’s can take root and flourish.

A Curious Team is a Better Team

Curiosity is the driving force that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary. It is the key that unlocks a world of endless possibilities, enabling professionals to explore uncharted territories, pioneer new ideas, and propel businesses toward growth.

But curiosity doesn’t stop at the individual level. It has the power to shape entire organizations, transforming them into thriving hubs of innovative tech. By fostering a culture of curiosity, data-driven companies empower their employees to ask questions, challenge the status quo, and embark on journeys of exploration. So, as members of the vibrant tech community, let us embrace the profound impact of curiosity. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are immeasurable.

If you’d like to discover what process optimization opportunities await you and your business, Freya Systems is here to walk with you along that journey! Our team of data scientists, engineers, and software developers would love to provide data solutions customized to your specific needs. Contact us for more information!